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SVG Vinyl Film Series


Matte Vinyl series


Matte vinyl is special. It gives your car a different look without a massive color change. With that subtle change, everything looks totally distinct. It is always one of the most popular choices from DIYs and installers around the world.

    Plenty of selection:

Just under the category of the matte vinyl, SVG offers a variety of styles and colors. Different feelings can be revealed with different materials, from a firm silk-like exterior to a gorgeous metallic polish.

    Easy to use:

You may think this special matte vinyl is difficult to use. Totally opposite. It is in fact relatively easy to apply. A DIY wrapper at home can easily apply it without worrying about the alignment of different panels.

    Spectacular look:

After applying SVG's matte vinyl, the body line of the car is just so obvious. It is definitely an eye-catching vehicle with matte vinyl that you will never regret.

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